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We have you covered for all your advertising and marketing needs.

Our goal is to help small businesses in the Real Estate market grow through social media platforms. We use these platforms to promote their brands, generate leads through adverts which converts to sales and further help manage the reputation of these businesses.


Below are the synopses of the services we render to our clients.

Feature 1

Paid advertisements/ Management and leads generation

Our agency through research and proven strategies helps small businesses in the real estate market plan advertising campaigns, launch and run paid advertisements. To reassure our clients of our support for their businesses we tend to manage these adverts for them.

Currently, we launch advertising campaigns on Facebook, Youtube, instagram, Google, Pinterest and Yelp.

Our supportive automations assist us to diligently generate leads of prospective clients through the adverts run and the website traffic. These leads are sent timely to clients for follow-ups and eventually converting them to sales.

Feature 2

SEO and Google My Business 

We waste no time in converting your traffic on your website to an amazing website's ranking in search results on google, bing and other search engines. SEO increases your site's visibility and helps for your customers to find you easily.

We further educate clients, assist them to setup and manage their "Google My Business Profile" which gives their businesses more visibility and serves as a claim of ownership of their businesses or their brands.

Feature 3

Web Design/Development and website re-targeting

Our team of experts will design or redesign a website that suits your line of business and its needs.

We further re-target visitors who were on your site and launch another campaign to get them to convert.

We are able to also offer digital real estate packages of our digital assets (websites) that we own for our clients' usage.

Feature 4

Reputation management

We handle reputation management to build and maintain a strong reputation of our clients in the eyes of stakeholders, such as customers, investors, employees, and the general public. This can involve a range of strategies including social media monitoring, public relations campaigns, search engine optimization, and crisis management.

Effective reputation management can help prevent damaged brand and even enhance a company's reputation over time.

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