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Below are the professional Services that we offer to promote small businesses in the Real Estate Industry: 

Service 1

Facebook Ads Management

Build your brand through targeted ads on facebook and reach millions without spending much.

We manage these ads and also use our proven Real Estate advertising methodology on facebook to bring you highly qualified, ready to buy leads as soon as the advertising Campaigns are launched.

Service 2

Leads Generation Services

We use all the tools at our disposal to build you a robust lead generation pipelines for your Real Estate Business.

These leads are sent to you timely to enable you do the right follow -ups and conclude sales.

Service 3

Website Design and Re-marketing Campaigns

We design websites or remodel existing ones to be more engaging to meet clients' current market goals and to help pull traffic to their sites.

Do not waste the website traffic!

We can launch retargeting campaigns to get leads from anyone that has visited your site in the past and convert them to sales for you.

We are able to also offer digital real estate packages of our digital assets (websites) that we own for our clients' usage.

Service 4

Google Ads Management

With innovative testing approach and also comparing industry competition, we use data from the Real estate industry to optimize, learn insights and achieve desired results for our customers.

We will target users that are searching for exact same things you do and incentivize them to call your business immediately.

Service 5

Online Reputation Management

We handle reputation management to build and maintain a strong reputation of our clients in the eyes of stakeholders, such as customers, investors, employees, and the general public. This can involve a range of strategies including social media monitoring, public relations campaigns, search engine optimization, and crisis management.

Effective reputation management can help prevent damaged brand and even enhance a company's reputation over time.

Service 6


We waste no time in converting your traffic on your website to an amazing website's ranking in search results on google, bing and other search engines. SEO increases your site's visibility and helps for your customers to find you easily.

We further educate clients, assist them to setup and manage their "Google My Business Profile" which gives their businesses more visibility and serves as a claim of ownership of their businesses or their brands.

Service 7

Paid advertisements 

Our agency through research and proven strategies helps small businesses in the real estate market plan advertising campaigns, launch and run paid advertisements. To reassure our clients of our support for their businesses we tend to manage these adverts for them.

Currently, we launch advertising campaigns on Facebook, Youtube, instagram, Google, Pinterest and Yelp.


The underlisted are some estimates of pricing for the services listed above.
What’s included

Advertising campaign planning and the leads generation for either of the social media management is free.


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Ad set up

Advert one-time Setup fee is fixed at $300 but can give discount to first time clients.


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Various social media ads management

Pricing varies based on the audience reach, ads spend, and duration of ads and the social media platform ads are run.


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A total of 2 to 4 adverts per month


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